June 2020
a case study: How We Built Dose in Less Than a Week
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Meet DOSE, a platform built in less than a week to amplify the black experience. Amidst one of the largest political awakenings, we paused all normal business operations to take DOSE from idea to launch.  
Bobby J.
Have you ever been told you act white for a Black person?
Monika M.
What are some ways you see positive change in the world around issues of race and injustice?
This is this first time I have EVER seen so many people actively speaking out against racism. This gives me hope for the future but I hope the momentum doesn't stop until these fortified systems in place are broken down.
A portrait of George Floyd at the protests.
"I couldn't ask my team to go about business as usual during this monumental fight against racial injustice.
June 2020 marked the largest political awakening we have seen in years, prompted by the Death of George Floyd. a small studio Founder and Principal John B. Johnson, also a black business owner, notified the team that we would be pausing all operations to focus on helping the movement.
Upon making the decision, we began notifying all of our clients, who blew us away with resounding support and desire to help however possible. We also reached out to other creatives who could help us as we discovered exactly what we could create to make an impact during such a turbulent time.
John B. Johnson
John’s press release from a small studio.
The final product.
The first zoom call.
Within a matter of hours, we gathered a team that represented both design thinking as well as psychology, to collaborate on a concept that would amplify the black experience. On a late night Zoom call, the idea of DOSE was born.
Abi, Project Manager
Oakland, CA
Mike, Psychologist
A Yurt, Utah
Renee, Content
Chicago, IL
Kyle, Designer
Toronto, ON
Matt, Marketing
Goshen, CT
Scott, Product
Seattle, WA
Kyle, Designer
Toronto, ON
Monti, Marketing
Oakland, CA
Abi, Project Manager Oakland, CA
Sarah, Product
Seattle, WA
Kenzie, Designer
Seattle, WA
Asha, Content
San Francisco, CA
Mike, Psychologist
A Yurt, Utah
Bobby, Project Manager
Oakland, CA
Julia, Psychologist
Oakland, CA
Caleb, Product
Phoenix, AZ
Renee, Content
Chicago, IL
John, Identity Architect
Seattle, WA
Kay, Branding
Phoenix, AZ
Troy, Design
Seattle, WA
Josh, Product
Oakland, CA
Troy, Designer
Seattle, WA
Scott, Product
Seattle, WA
Asha, Content
San Francisco, CA
Bobby, Project Manager
Oakland, CA
"Creating DOSE meant aligning people who did not want to stay silent about racism and inequity
Dr. Julia Garcia is a scholar in psychology with a background in giving peace and voice for underrepresented individuals. Julia worked with a small studio on the original framework and inspiration for DOSE, and helped lead the charge to iterate and complete a platform that would not only be aesthetically outstanding but would make people feel safe to share their experiences.
Dr. Julia Garcia
Dr. J speaking at a workshop.
The initial idea was based off of Dr. Julia Garcia's Dose framework. A person would read a dose, a set of prompts, and be asked to share their response. The prompts are specifically made to help people work through difficult thoughts and situations.
All prompts we’re creating using Dr. J’s methodologies. The goal was to open up safe and impactful dialogue, to make the user feel uncomfortable, and to help guide them through that discomfort.
Question 8
Share your feelings around what happened to George Floyd.
Question 31
Have you ever been told you act white for a Black person?
Question 23
Question 2
Do you believe in equal OPPORTUNITY for everyone?
Question 12
Do you work for a company that speaks out about racism?
The flow of a prompt in Dose.
"The brand identity needed to be clear and bold without taking away from the voices it's meant to amplify.
Troy Thomas, Creative Director at a small studio, took lead on creating the visual brand for DOSE. He worked with a small team of designers and content writers to bring the brand to life in less than an hour. The night after the inception of DOSE, Troy presented the brand to the rest of the team.
Troy J. Thomas
When we started the branding process for Dose one aspect was abundantly clear, start a conversation. To do that, the identity needed to be clear and bold without taking away from the voices it's meant to amplify.
Words are unbelievably powerful, so they must be bold and clear, but above all else human. In our research we stumbled upon a typeface, MARTIN, inspired by the font used in posters during the MLK labour strikes. It’s strong and structural, but removed from the digital feeling of modern typography.
Primary Type MARTIN
Secondary Type GT Pressura Mono
The design team chose a colorful palette to serve as a juxtaposition to the black and white of the majority of the website. These colors exist to create a safe yet powerful environment for users to feel inclined to take action.
“I wanted to leave space for people to share their experiences.
With years of experience both in product design as well as social impact, Kyle supported the team in creating a system that flowed perfectly for the user while preserving the visually impressive feel of the site through Webflow.
Kyle Makischuk
We surrounded the Dose flow with responses to illustrate a sense of community while people worked through the difficult prompts. Sharing your experience was a personal endeavour, but it also lifted the community of people who were sharing alongside you.
The initial wireframes.
The initial wireframes.
We Took 12 Years of knowledge and launched it in 5 days.
I learned more about the black american experience in 4 days than I had in the last 20 years.
- Kyle M.
Chinua L.
What feelings came up when you thought about people clutching their belongings because you were near?
Mostly made me sad. Makes you feel like a criminal, like you are automatically meant to be the aggressor in every scenario.
After our soft launch, the responses were unbelievable. We had people sharing their experiences of racial injustice with the community, and other people learning from those experiences.
It’s an incredible way to hear the voices of black folks, so we all can learn more and see what we’re not seeing.
- Katie M.
I love the power behind this product, and the fact that it offers a genuine view of racial injustice affects real people.
- Zach M.
This is such a great idea. I took a Dose already and I was blown away by the raw emotion I felt.
- Kevin C.
Amelia J.
Can you describe how it felt when you were stopped by the police?
Finally a solution that is not just another two way social media platform.
- Sarah J.
Terry S.
Does representation in media matter to you? Why or why not?
Yes, proper representation. Not being type cast as the criminal, gang member,drug dealer, comic relief, or the help.
Highly recommended people get this! Especially allies who don’t know how to help! This is a great learning tool!
- Monti W.
The official launch was a blast. With help from our friends, we launched on Product Hunt less than 24 hours after shipping the product. We also ended up in over 20 blogs and newsletters and on the socials of some pretty amazing companies.
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We are so thrilled to be speaking at Webflow World Tour, to not only share our experience but to hopefully inspire others to use their talents to make an impact as well!